Garden Of Harmony

As a Unity programmer at MZ Motion Design, I had the privilege to work on content creation for the “Garden of Harmony” project. This interactive installation is a permanent show at International Changi Airport.

The show consisted of ten different views of a magical forest in which the creatures were reacting to users’ inputs. The show consisted of three parts:

Accompanied by interactive soundtracks, this show provides an immersive experience for the visitors.


My Contribution:

I was mainly responsible for modeling the and scripting of the forest scenes under the supervision of Mr. Marcos Zevallos.

To make the transition between day and night mode possible, I designed a simple mechanism in which different properties of components could be connected to a globally controlled value. The outcome was a smooth and controllable transition by changing the lights, post-processing effects, wind, and particles.

The most challenging aspect was to develop tree shaders that were capable of transitioning between multiple textures.

Moreover, I had the chance to work on the virtual version of the event room, in which clients could experience the outcome by wearing HTC VIVE gears.