Azadi square

This sketch always reminds me of a delightful journey to Sanandaj that I had 5 years ago.

Projects’ guideline

When you start working as a designer or developer, it’s always hard to put everything in right place and it’s always harder to get back to former projects and organize them. And the problem gets worse and worse when you start sharing project into different services on internet and it grows exponentially. So I’ve started preparing a checklist, including all important headlines of different issues that should be taken in care.


“BtStepper” class introduction

Stepper motors are great! they’re as flexible, simple and lovely as [bt-link href=” ” type=”text”]Arduino[/bt-link]; and I think we can deal with them much easier than the way [bt-link href=”” type=”text”]Stepper class[/bt-link] works. So I’ve developed BtStepper motor class as a part of [bt-link href=”” type=”text”]BtMicro[/bt-link] library. The most significant difference between Stepper class and BtStepper is the method they add delay before taking each step.



As a new expression, I’ve started to convert a number of my sketches into short animated movies and it’s got really exciting


Laser diode(LD) module Fritzing part

If you’re part of DIY community and a hardware hacker, you’re probably familiar with Fritzing! It’s a fantastic software for creating schematic images of electrical circuits. One of the great features of Fritizing is its openness that enables users to make and customize new parts.


Create PNG icons for AIR application by Adobe Illustrator Script

If you’re an AIR developer and a graphic designer using Adobe Illustrator to create icons, you’ve probably faced the maddening problem of resizing icons to 128X128, 114X114, 72X72,… pixel and saving them into different PNG files :-? . Therefore I developed this Script to help you out in this situation! 😉


Surf by F-Big!

1. Drag-and-drop following link on your bookmarks bar.


2. Choose one of the [bt-link href=”” type=”text”][/bt-link] projects that you’re willing to download and wait until first slide’s been loaded.

3. Press added bookmark.

4. Enjoy more useful version of Bjarke Ingels Group website! 😀

CFD streamlines in Grasshopper

As an experience I tried to import streamlines generated in Ansys Fluent into Grasshopper environment and I developed two (actually one and a half!) C# components in Grasshopper to do this. Basically generated tables in CFD Post are saved as a single file so you have to separate different tables and save them as individual .CVS files which is really easy, and then these C# components will do their missions!


Connection #2

Same as Connection #1, Connection #2 has been designed to create an initial random image. But instead of straight lines and moving Dots, it uses curved lines and rotating Dots!
All Connections are created in random order like the previous version but this time they’re illustrated by cubic Bézier curves.


“AD5” plugin for 3Ds Max

I developed this simple MaxScript code while I was working on “Architectural Design 5” project. It’s developed to do some repetitive and annoying (!) jobs like alignment and area calculation for you.

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