Expiring solution in Grasshopper

Due to sequential model of Grasshopper it’s tricky to implement asynchronized codes. The idea is that you have to focus on single function called SolveInstanceĀ to read, calculate and export the results. But when it comes to handling threads it means that all of states of the code have to be handled through same function and one of these states is exporting data!


Customized Kangaroo Solver

Kangaroo assembly for Grasshopper is a wonderful tool to do physical simulation, especially for designers. It’s fully integrated with Grasshopper environment, easy to use and flexible enough to enable architects to simulate particle-based systems. But as you start developing upon it you’ll realize that the real power of kangaroo is beyond ready-to-use default components. You can easily hack it and define new behaviors.

Last week, as a part of our Form and Structure seminar, we needed to extract data of each calculation step separately which is not a part of default kangaroo solver, so I developed this component that will give you the result after doing a determined number of iterations.


Minify and Put into Same Folder Structure By Grunt


Turn on developers mode in your website

Recently I’ve been working on two websites ([bt-link href=”http://irarc.com” type=”text”]IrArc.com[/bt-link] and [bt-link href=”http://nextoffice.ir” type=”text”]NextOffice.ir[/bt-link]) which have a common point; They rely heavily on Javascript! In the both cases, they use Ajax technology to fill a HTML element with retrieved data. To debug them I had to refresh the whole page which wastes about 2s of my life every time!



AutoCad has been always the last thing that I want to deal with! But ever since I start working as an architect, I find AutoCad as a mandatory part of professional environment where all the documents should be transferred and reviewed in this software. And I said “Okay! let’s face the truth and instead of complaining, make it a better place to work…”.


AC Version

It happens sometimes that you want to transfer an AutoCAD DWG file and you have to change its version (for example downgrading to lower version number). It’s a good practice to check the version of files’ before sending them to the client.


Panelized Screen

As part of our faculty building renovation, it was decided to create a new information board for our scientific association. My proposal was to create a framework instead of a static one.


Growing on the canvas

This set of visual works is my latest investigation in how random movement combined with user interacts could create beautiful effects…

Motion detection

Think about intelligent shop’s window adapts displayed goods for passers-by and tons of artistic ideas which could become possible by using image processing technologies. Maybe it was a dream a couple of decades ago to gain a real-time effect, but nowadays by the emerge of powerful computers and gadgets such as Microsoft Kinect and Asus Xtion, it’s quite possible to use image processing as a mature technology.

To acquire a basic understanding of these technologies, this Processing code has been developed to demonstrate how moving objects could be detected by comparing two consecutive frames of a captured video.


First “LooLoo” on my new tablet!

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