Customized Kangaroo Solver

Kangaroo assembly for Grasshopper is a wonderful tool to do physical simulation, especially for designers. It’s fully integrated with Grasshopper environment, easy to use and flexible enough to enable architects to simulate particle-based systems. But as you start developing upon it you’ll realize that the real power of kangaroo is beyond ready-to-use default components. You can easily hack it and define new behaviors.

Last week, as a part of our Form and Structure seminar, we needed to extract data of each calculation step separately which is not a part of default kangaroo solver, so I developed this component that will give you the result after doing a determined number of iterations.


Moreover, I managed to get the result in the same data structure as the goal objects. So you can put different kangaroo goals into different branches of a data tree and find corresponding result geometries.

Download Kangaroo Solver Here!