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Turn on developers mode in your website

Just an idea!

Recently I’ve been working on two websites ( and which have a common point; They rely heavily on Javascript! In the both cases, they use Ajax technology to fill a HTML element with retrieved data. To debug them I had to refresh the whole page which wastes about 2s of my life every time!

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inOutViewClass plugin for jQuery

If you scroll my blog page up and down and look at it carefully, you will see a fade in/out effect happens while scrolling. To create this effect I develop a jQuery’s plugin called “inOutViewClass”. It checks each matched elements to see whether it’s in the view or not; then add “inViewClass” or “outViewClass” based on its condition.

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isNember in JavaScript

I wrote this function some time ago to find out if a variable is numeric, regardless of its type. The variable could be a String that contains numeric value.

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