Serial interface for ros

serial_io package

Combination of Arduino with an ROS based ecosystem has kept coming to my day to day projects in last two years of my ITECH studies which pushed me to finally organize and publish SERIAL_IO package.

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Requirements: ROS (robot operatic system)
Repository: serial_io on Github
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Customized Kangaroo Solver

Kangaroo assembly for Grasshopper is a wonderful tool to do physical simulation especially for designers. It’s fully integrated with Grasshopper environment, easy to use and flexible enough to enable architects to simulate particle based systems. But as you start developing upon it you’ll realize that the real power of kangaroo is beyond ready-to-use default components. You can easily hack it and define new behaviors.
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Download Url: kangaroo solver
File Format: Grasshopper [.gh]
Programming Language: C# .NET