Next Office Website

Client: Next Office, Dr. Alireza Taghaboni
Released in: 2015

Next studio is a well-known architecture office based in Tehran/Iran led by Dr. Alireza Taghaboni. In 2014 I started working there as an architect but after a while, I was asked to work on their new official website.

Being familiar with the office workflow and projects, I tried to design and develop a website that reflects their work in the best way. The idea was to develop a documentation and automation system instead of just a place for showcasing projects.


The design concept was to look at the whole website as a book that can be easily navigated through. Using Ajax technology the it provides a smooth experience and transition between different templates and pages.

Responsive Design

The adjustment of template for smaller screens (smartphones, …) was an ongoing process parallel to the main template. This can be vividly seen in the projects’ archive page where an optimized version of images will be served for the smaller screens. Moreover, This adjustment influence whole user interaction method. Touch gestures are implemented into templated such as gallery page.

Database Scheme

The database was developed around the projects’ documentation system in a way which was flexible enough to record a variety of data types, including awards, staffs, projects, and events. This data structure has been implemented as different Wordpress post types and custom taxonomies. In order to demonstrate the connections and nodes in the database, I developed Graph which displays projects, staffs, and the connections between them.

WebApp / Navigator

Next Office Navigator is an outcome of the database design. This web application extracts the geographical data of all buildings and marks them over a map. Thanks to this application, the status and category of the projects in addition to their geographical distribution can be easily observed which was beneficial not only for visitors but also the project coordinators.