Garden Of Harmony

As a Unity programmer at MZ Motion Design, I had the privilege to work on content creation for the “Garden of Harmony” project. This interactive installation is a permanent show at International Changi Airport

The show consisted of ten different views of a magical forest in which the creatures were reacting to users’ inputs. The show consisted of three parts:

  • The first part was displaying a daytime state. The sun rays were passing through the dense branches of tropical trees, and glowing particles were inviting audiences to the event.
  • As the visitors started to interact, this state would slowly transition into a night time in which the leaves were glowing, and the magical plants were blooming and releasing bright spores.
  • The further stimulation by the users was triggering the last part of the show in which the cameras were panning up, and an exciting animation would be displayed. This part was the only pre-rendered video in the show.

Accompanied by interactive soundtracks, this show provides an immersive experience for the visitors.

Garden Of Harmoony Exhibition
Garden Of Harmoony Exhibition

Garden Of Harmoony Exhibition
Garden Of Harmoony Exhibition


My Contribution:

I was mainly responsible for modeling the and scripting of the forest scenes under the supervision of Mr. Marcos Zevallos.

To make the transition between day and night mode possible, I designed a simple mechanism in which different properties of components could be connected to a globally controlled value. The outcome was a smooth and controllable transition by changing the lights, post-processing effects, wind, and particles.

The most challenging aspect was to develop tree shaders that were capable of transitioning between multiple textures.

Moreover, I had the chance to work on the virtual version of the event room, in which clients could experience the outcome by wearing HTC VIVE gears.