Dayastudio website

DAYA is a design studio ran by Parisa Alimohammadi. Having different products from poster design to architecture and asking for different templates to showcase these works was adding to the complexity of this website. The website is a part of three related branches, including personal website of Mrs. Alimohamadi and DAYATIS construction company. That’s why the front page of this website consisted of simple navigation screen which guides users between these websites.

Navigation Menu

Surprisingly the main navigation menu on the right was one the most complex parts of this website. Each menu item has a number of sub-menus which appears differently in different screen size. In order to avoid using javascript and using pure CSS as much as possible I tried to implement all of the logic by CSS media query selectors.

Mobile Friendly Design

Having a responsive design was an important aspect of this website. Fitting all of the features in a small screen was a challenging task. One of the most complicated parts was supporting zoom in functionality in archive page. In order to avoid javascript based website using CSS selectors in a way that represent these different states of the page was one of my main ambitions in this project.