Next Office Website

Next studio is a well-known architecture office based in Tehran-Iran led by Dr. Alireza Taghaboni. In 2014 I started working in this office an architect but after a while I proposed to redesign their official website.
Being familiar with the office workflow and projects, I tried to design and develop the website in a way that reflects their work in the best way. To do so instead of thinking about this website as a place for showcasing projects, we start thinking about that as a documentation and automation system for projects and the whole development happened around this idea.


The idea was to look at the whole website as a book which we can easily navigate through and find content. Using Ajax technology the website has been designed in a way to create a smooth experience and transition between different templates and pages.
In order to create a seamless user experience, instead of navigating between pages I used Ajax technology to retrieve data in background. Considering SEO optimization and different templates it was complex task to implement this architecture.

Responsive Design

Due to client’s request for a website with international standards it was really important to provide flawless features such as SEO optimization and responsive design. Since the layout was heavily depended on javascript it was important to make the scripts robust enough to be able to handle different errors on different devices.

Database Scheme

The idea was to make a database which is flexible enough for documentation of variety of data types, including staffs, projects and events. This data structure has been implemented as different WordPress post types and custom taxonomies.
In order to demonstrate the connections and nodes in database I developed a simple webapp called Graph which displays projects and staffs and connection between them.

WebApp / Navigator

Considering the type of the product of this office which is buildings I decided to extract geographical data and show them on a map to demonstrate the number and distribution of projects. To add more information I colored different projects by their categories and user is able to choose between different taxonomies.