So Simple Grabber

So Simple Grabber is a download software, designed to be smart, simple and light weight. Those who have already used Archdaily Inspector, will find So Simple Grabber similar to it. Actually S.S.G. is based on Archdaily Inspector but it isn’t limited to anymore. Currently it supports and but in near future everybody will be able to develop custom plugins for S.S.G. and extend its functionality.
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Alternate Name: S.S.G.
Version: 0.7.1
Application Category: downloader
Download Url: So Simple Grabber
File Format: Adobe AIR package [.air]
Requirements: AIR runtime


During my experience with parametric modeling and Grasshopper, I developed many components and algorithms to do sort of jobs. Bengesht provides a set of components that I think can be reused in other projects.

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Recently I’ve been working on an app which will be explained thoroughly throughout the text. Surely you’ve all seen different apps for quotes, poems and etc. Now think of it this way; you yourself writing something, anything,in your own language, in different fonts and colours; and even better, publishing it without being identified!

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URL: voice
Version: 1.02


“A climograph is a graphical representation of basic climatic parameters, that is monthly average temperature and precipitation, at a certain location. It is used for a quick-view of the climate of a location.”

use climatograph° web application to draw climatograph and comfort zone diagram, also do basic climate related calculations.

URL: climatograph°
Version: 1.01