AppMenu class

Menus are one of the most important methods to create better user experience and integrating with OS. And AIR platform supports both windows menu (on Windows) and application menu (on Mac OS) very well. The downside is implementing menus through the Action Script is too complex. You have to create NativeMenu instance, then attach NativeMenuItems and then do it again and and again to create simple menus. So I’ve developed “AppMenu” class which converts well-formed XML data to every type of menu that you want.
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Repository: AppMenu on Github
Programming Language: Action Script 3.0

Timer component usage

working with Timer can be fun! You can change parameters at some intervals and see result like an animated movie. What I’ve done in this C# component is defining an integer property, named ‘num’ and then increasing its value by 1 at each computing.

Combination of this component with a Timer create a clock-like effect you can use in your project.

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Download Url: Grasshopper file
File Format: grasshopper [.gh]
Requirements: Rhino 3D, Grasshopper

Better bordering by {less}

While I was developing my website theme, I used border a lot. So I develop following functions, using {Less} to add borders at different directions in one line of code.

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SType action script library

It’s been always painful for me to create instances, assign their properties and add event handlers and do it over and over again in many lines! And the final code is always messy and hard to read. So I have developed a library called SType (for super type!) which does all three steps (create, assign, handle) in one line of code. SType uses AS3 Signal library have been developed by Robert Penner.

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Repository: Stypes onGithub
Programming Language: Action Script 3.0
Runtime: Adobe AIR

inOutViewClass plugin for jQuery

If you scroll my blog page up and down and look at it carefully, you will see a fade in/out effect happens while scrolling. To create this effect I develop a jQuery’s plugin called “inOutViewClass”. It checks each matched elements to see whether it’s in the view or not; then add “inViewClass” or “outViewClass” based on its condition.

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3D rotation by MaxScript

This two lines, MaxScript came in handy when I was modeling north facade of my hospital! (Architectural Design 4)

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convert string into a valid file name

I always avoid struggling with file system because of its potential to be dangerous! But finally I forced to work with it in “Archdaily Inspector” project seriously. So I developed a code to convert a string into a valid file name.

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Solar Calculations component
for Grasshopper

This is my first experience as a grasshopper developer. I create a simple component called “Solar Calculations” that do all of the basic calculations to get sun properties at specific location, in a specific time.

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create hoverintent effect
using transition-delay

I always use hoverintent plugin for jQuery in order to prevent accidental firing of a function (it can be an animation or AJAX request). hoverintent add an delay before triggering of mouseover or mouseout events.

But recently I used combination of :hover pseudo class and CSS transition instead of using JavaScript mouseOver/Out event in many cases.

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Blank HTML5 document

It’s just a start point to create HTML5 documents…

This file contains initial meta tags for search engine optimization, link tags for style sheets and other assets and script tags for Modernizr and jQuery libraries.

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