Turn on developers mode in your website

Just an idea!

Recently I’ve been working on two websites ( and which have a common point; They rely heavily on Javascript! In the both cases, they use Ajax technology to fill a HTML element with retrieved data. To debug them I had to refresh the whole page which wastes about 2s of my life every time!

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AC Version

Detecting DWG files version right into your browser

It happens sometimes that you want to transfer an AutoCad DWG file and you have to change its version (for example downgrading to lower version number). It’s a good practice to check version of files’ before sending them to the client.

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Motion detection

A simple solution

Think about intelligent shop’s window adapts displayed goods for passers-by and tons of artistic ideas which could become possible by using image processing technologies. Maybe it was a dream a couple of decades ago to gain a real-time effect, but nowadays by emergencing of powerful computers and gadgets such as Microsoft Kinect and Asus Xtion, it’s quite possible to use image processing as a mature technology.

To acquire a basic understanding about these technologies, this Processing code has been developed to demonstrate how moving objects could be detected by comparing two consecutive frames of a captured video.

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Repository: Motion Detection as a Gist
Programming Language: Processing

Assign materials randomly by MaxScript

Working in NextOffice architecture studio, I faced the problem of giving a natural look to a masonry building includes thousands of individual bricks!

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Repository: Randomizer on Github
Programming Language: MaxScript

Azadi square

This sketch always reminds me about a delightful journey to Sanandaj that I had 5 years ago.


As a new expression, I’ve started to convert a number of my sketches into short animated movies and it’s got really exciting

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Connection #2

Same as Connection #1, Connection #2 has been designed to create an initial random image. But instead of straight lines and moving Dots, it uses curved lines and rotating Dots!
All Connections are created in random order like previous version but this time they’re illustrated by cubic B├ęzier curves. read more…

Connection #1

Think about “Connection” as a source of inspiration. Some times you sit at your desk and try to design some thing, but nothing comes to your mind. After spending hopeless hours of smoking and drinking, in a moment of glory you meet an irrelevant object and say “Yes! that’s it…”. Pieces of puzzles come together and suddenly design process becomes straightforward!

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I always love to create something and then see how people response to that! and GeoDraw is one of most successful applications that I created in making users busy. It’s a web application, using HTML Canvas and two simple equations to draw different shapes. Users can change variables and get various outputs in real time.

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Download Url: Geodraw