Serial interface for ros

serial_io package

Combination of Arduino with an ROS based ecosystem has kept coming to my day to day projects in last two years of my ITECH studies which pushed me to finally organize and publish SERIAL_IO package.

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Requirements: ROS (robot operatic system)
Repository: serial_io on Github
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Panelized Screen

A proposal for our faculty renovation

As part of our faculty building renovation, it was decided to create a new information board for our scientific association. My proposal was to create a framework instead of a static one.

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Motion detection

A simple solution

Think about intelligent shop’s window adapts displayed goods for passers-by and tons of artistic ideas which could become possible by using image processing technologies. Maybe it was a dream a couple of decades ago to gain a real-time effect, but nowadays by emergencing of powerful computers and gadgets such as Microsoft Kinect and Asus Xtion, it’s quite possible to use image processing as a mature technology.

To acquire a basic understanding about these technologies, this Processing code has been developed to demonstrate how moving objects could be detected by comparing two consecutive frames of a captured video.

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Repository: Motion Detection as a Gist
Programming Language: Processing

L293D module PCB

If you’re exhausted of using complex engineered stepper motor modules and you just want to rotate a simple motor instead of being obsessed about all this hyper technological stuffs, you’ll probably find this L293D board useful. It’s all about providing a better interface and occupying less space by wires.

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“BtStepper” class introduction

Stepper motors are great! they’re as flexible, simple and lovely as Arduino; and I think we can deal with them much easier than the way Stepper class works. So I’ve developed BtStepper motor class as a part of BtMicro library. The most significant difference between Stepper class and BtStepper is the method they add delay before taking each step.

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Repository: BtStepper on Github
Programming Language: C++

Laser diode(LD) module Fritzing part

If you’re part of DIY community and a hardware hacker, you’re probably familiar with Fritzing! It’s a fantastic software for creating schematic images of electrical circuits. One of the great features of Fritizing is its openness that enables users to make and customize new parts.

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