Laser diode(LD) module Fritzing part

If you’re part of DIY community and a hardware hacker, you’re probably familiar with Fritzing! It’s a fantastic software for creating schematic images of electrical circuits. One of the great features of Fritizing is its openness that enables users to make and customize new parts.

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CFD streamlines in Grasshopper

As an experience I tried to import streamlines generated in Ansys Fluent into Grasshopper environment and I developed two (actually one and a half!) C# components in Grasshopper to do this. Basically generated tables in CFD Post are saved as a single file so you have to separate different tables and save them as individual .CVS files which is really easy, and then these C# components will do their missions!

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Download Url: Grasshopper file
File Format: grasshopper [.gh]
Requirements: Rhino 3D, Grasshopper
Programming Language: C# .Net

“AD5” plugin for 3Ds Max

I developed this simple MaxScript code while I was working on “Architectural Design 5” project. It’s developed to do some repetitive and annoying (!) jobs like alignment and area calculation for you.
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Door direction tag

It’s a simple annotation mark, can be used to show direction of door opening and to make your documents more readable…!

Choose right direction between upward and downward directions, also modify its appearance by changing height and inner angle of arrow.
For example use smaller arrows for indoor areas and bigger ones for outdoors or show a special way through building by using similar angles.

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Download Url: Door Direction Tag
File Format: Revit Family [.rfa]
Requirements: Autodesk Revit 2014

Blackboard family

A wall based Autodesk Revit family I designed and created for my course about school design. It’s an old fashioned blackboard with variable width and height and both board and border materials.

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Solar Calculations component
for Grasshopper

This is my first experience as a grasshopper developer. I create a simple component called “Solar Calculations” that do all of the basic calculations to get sun properties at specific location, in a specific time.

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Flower & vase baluster family

I created this family few months ago for rural houses modeling in Village Design II course. To use this family, load it into your project, create new rail type and change its Baluster Family to flower&vase baluster.

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