Timer component usage

working with Timer can be fun! You can change parameters at some intervals and see result like an animated movie. What I’ve done in this C# component is defining an integer property, named ‘num’ and then increasing its value by 1 at each computing.

Combination of this component with a Timer create a clock-like effect you can use in your project.

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Download Url: Grasshopper file
File Format: grasshopper [.gh]
Requirements: Rhino 3D, Grasshopper


I always love to create something and then see how people response to that! and GeoDraw is one of most successful applications that I created in making users busy. It’s a web application, using HTML Canvas and two simple equations to draw different shapes. Users can change variables and get various outputs in real time.

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Download Url: Geodraw

3D rotation by MaxScript

This two lines, MaxScript came in handy when I was modeling north facade of my hospital! (Architectural Design 4)

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Blackboard family

A wall based Autodesk Revit family I designed and created for my course about school design. It’s an old fashioned blackboard with variable width and height and both board and border materials.

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Solar Calculations component
for Grasshopper

This is my first experience as a grasshopper developer. I create a simple component called “Solar Calculations” that do all of the basic calculations to get sun properties at specific location, in a specific time.

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Flower & vase baluster family

I created this family few months ago for rural houses modeling in Village Design II course. To use this family, load it into your project, create new rail type and change its Baluster Family to flower&vase baluster.

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