Jun 2018
Cyber Physical Macro Matter at Ars Electronica Center

Our thesis project has been displayed at Ars Electronica center in Linz, Austria as part of “Creative Robotic 2018” exhibition. This exhibition presents a collection of projects in which robotic systems are being used outside of the industrial realm.

Consisted of four columns and 50 smart units, this installation shows the architectural potential of such a system in larger scale. Located in the atrium of Ars Electronica center this project catches eyes of visitors at the entrance!

  • ITECH M.Sc. Thesis Project
  • Team: Miguel Aflalo, Behrooz Tahanzadeh, Jingcheng Chen
  • Thesis Advisers: Dylan Wood, Maria Yablonina
  • Supervisor: Prof. Achim Menges(1st), Prof. Jan Knippers(2nd)
  • Exhibition Project Team: Denitsa Koleva, Sanoop Siby
  • University of Stuttgart, Institute for Computational Design and Construction, ICD (Prof. Menges), Institute of Building Structures & Structural Design, ITKE (Prof. Knippers)