Serial interface for ros

serial_io package

Combination of Arduino with an ROS based ecosystem has kept coming to my day to day projects in last two years of my ITECH studies which pushed me to finally organize and publish SERIAL_IO package.

SERIAL_IO is an ROS package initially has been developed for controlling different Arduino based actuator in our research pavilion.
It contains two different nodes:

  • serial_interface which is a simple bidirectional interface for a serial port.
  • serial_smart_interface is the matured version of serial_io node which provides a mechanism for assigning right COM port to different topics. This node has been developed in response to the dilemma of using multiple Arduino with different functionality on the same computer.

You can find this package on Github or use the following command to clone the repository in your ROS workspace.

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/
git clone
cd ..


Requirements: ROS (robot operatic system)
Repository: serial_io on Github
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