Projects’ guideline

When you start working as a designer or developer, it’s always hard to put everything in right place and it’s always harder to get back to former projects and organize them. And the problem gets worse and worse when you start sharing project into different services on internet and it grows exponentially. So I’ve started preparing a checklist, including all important headlines of different issues that should be taken in care.


  • Changing tables prefix.
  • Modifying permalink structure.
  • Configuring wordpress to put media files in time-based folders.
  • Enabling debug mode in local version of website.
  • Provide suitable name, screenshot and description for themes.
  • Modifying .htaccess file.
  • Using properties specifying contents type and properties (Meta Box Wrapper API can be helpful here).
  • Installing WP Super Cache.
  • Using {less} instead of CSS.

Online backup

  • Putting files into proper folder, based on project id (e.g.
  • Create a FreeSyncFile item to copy latest changes into destination folder.
  • For non-software materials name folder as YEAR-MONTH-DAY-PROJECT pattern.

Github repository

  • Free is always better! specially in case of web applications.
  • Creating readme file,wikis and github pages.
  • Using unique domain for libraries (e.g. ir.tahanzadeh.stypes).
  • Adding new repositories and applications to Github page.
  • Try Jekyll is preferable special about web applications.

Vimeo video

  • Mentioning music composer at the end of each movie.
  • Using same font and appearance for all movies, using library in Camstasia would be helpful here.
  • Using a custom url convention. Specifying a short prefix for all movie is same category.

Google webmaster tools

Google Analytics

  • Registering new websites immediately after launching them!

CV / portfolio

  • Adding new skills,promotions and projects to CV page.
  • Providing cover image for portfolio page
  • Writing a short and comprehensive description for each project (colleagues, starting/ending date, course topic,…).

Web Development

  • Create favicon

NB this post might be updated occasionally!